We are Still in the Bathroom

I have removed a lot of wallpaper in my day, but I have only once before experienced such problems, and that was with the Boynton border I put in the kids bathroom 25 years ago. That border did not want to come off. The paper is now off, but the walls beneath it have peeling sizing and on the exterior wall around the window, it is coming off almost in sheets. Dave, our dry waller stopped to look at the kitchen ceiling yesterday, and he believes that it is due to the plaster not properly drying between coats. I pulled out the photo album, and the problem is definitely associated with how the window was finished. There is no issue with the wall as they wallpaper stayed perfectly in place for all of these years. Gary put a coat of good oil based primer on the wall to seal it well. I am now in the process of applying the primer/sand finish. It may need two coats, I will determine that later today. Then, FINALLY, I can paint. 

Katie from Lighting by Design stopped over and confirmed that the chandelier we have chosen for the foyer is the proper size. That’s relief. It is larger in diameter than the one that is hanging there now, but is an airier design, so it will work. We made a change for the fixture in the bathroom as the one we had chosen in out of stock, with no re-stock date. I pulled the trigger and asked her to order them all. Lighting. Check.


We rented a storage unit yesterday, Gary has to finalize the paperwork today. That means we can remove items that we don’t want to get rid of, but only make the house look cluttered. 

The rain looks as though it has stopped for the day, the sun is shining. That means that Gary will start outside, while I continue in the bathroom. Then on to the bedroom. After the bedroom, we still need to paint the closet, woodwork, and possibly the walls in our son’s room, paint the ceiling in the kitchen and family room (it is all one ceiling, dang our only nod to an open concept), and touch up elsewhere. 

Slowly we are moving forward.