Wallpaper Blues

It is not going well, and I am singing the wallpaper blues. When we put this paper up years ago, we put it up to stay! Well, in the toilet room anyway. The smallest room in our house, and I am still struggling to remove the paper. I only have about 2/3 of the room removed. Today being Saturday, I can dedicate a few more hours to removal than I have the last few days. 

Luckily, I feel the main room will go much more quickly. I was on the phone with my son two nights ago, and grabbed a seam and pulled. Success. I was able to remove a large piece with just one hand. Even so, I feel like I will still be at this for days…

They called yesterday about templating for the new countertop for the vanity. Wednesday. I am pleased with this, as you sometimes have to wait two weeks to get a templating appointment, then add up to three weeks to get the countertop installed. It’s a long process, but I know it will be worth it, and we only had to wait a week for templating! Hope it all goes quickly so that I can enjoy my new bathroom for a while. 

We are also moving forward with what to do with the tub. When we built the house, a home of this size was expected to have a large jetted tub. It was one of those purchases that sounded like a good idea at the time. The reality is that I HATE jetted tubs, and the tub used so much water, and took so long to fill, that we never felt it was worth the effort. So we dust it. Today it sports a full set of ugly 1990s Delta gold. Gary worked with our plumber, and with a little research has learned that we can change out the gold jets and gizmos for white, and the faucet proper with new fixtures if we stick with a Delta product.

The same idea is being used in our shower. If we stick with the same manufacturer  for our shower valves, we can switch them out without having to go into the walls, damage tile, etc. 

In the meantime, Gary continues painting woodwork, I will continue wallpaper removal, and Lizzy will continue to bring us her balls to throw – why else would we be sitting on the floor, other than to play with her?