The Work Continues

I spent Saturday morning in our daughter’s room. We emptied her room of furniture so that I could scrub the carpet. It had been a while, and it needed it. We also emptied her closet so that not only could the carpet be scrubbed, but we could paint it. Funny thing about closets, you use them daily, but don’t really SEE them till they are empty. Then you realize that they have never been painted. Well, they had been given the obligatory spray of paint at the time the house was built, but that doesn’t count. 

The carpet cleaned up pretty well, although there are areas that a second scrub would not be a bad idea. I paid extra attention to the trouble area below the door hinges. I hate how those areas always get black. No matter what type of lubricant you use on the hinges, they seem to shed black all over the carpet. 

While the carpet dried, I headed back into the bathroom. Gary had taken over my job in the toilet room, and had learned that if he sanded the wallpaper first, it would allow itself to be released from the wall. I started pulling down the paper in the main room. And I do mean pulling. For whatever reason, this paper allowed itself to be removed in huge sheets, making quick work of most of the room. There is still some work to be done to clean it up, but the paper is almost down. 

Back to work on Monday and yesterday, but we still moved forward. Faucets and shower plumbing was ordered, and the template for a new shower door was made, and we went to Lighting by Design to look at light fixtures. We need new lights in our bedroom and bathroom. We chose fixtures with a polished nickel finish to go with the bathroom faucets. There is a two week lead time for just about everything on order. 

Today the template for our bathroom vanity will be made. I should be able to finish the wallpaper removal, and then start thinking about getting the walls primed and textured for paint. We have decided to replace the inset toilet paper holder with a wall mounted design, so that hole will have to be filled. We have already scheduled our dry waller to come in and look at the kitchen ceiling, so he will fill the hole at that time. 

The kitchen ceiling. We moved two recessed lights, and added a third to our kitchen when we remodeled in 2013. The ceiling was never properly patched and filled, and so it now needs to be addressed properly. I know that Dave, whose company is D. Wicker Drywall, will know what to do, and will make it look amazing. Then it will be up to us to paint the ceiling…again. The theme for this month seems to be: Paint. And we haven’t even begun to look outside.