Living in the Dark

We have been living in the dark for the past three weeks. Tri City Glass came at that point to remove the large mirror over our vanity. It was just too large for us to safely remove ourselves. With the mirror gone, Gary removed the lights so that I could easily texture and paint the wall behind the mirror. Dave from D. Wicker Drywall was here to patch where the inset toilet paper holder was in the toilet room, so we had him patch around the wires for the lights as the holes were large and would show below the new lights. He also patched the “oops” hole where the electrician had first pulled the wiring, which was at a point just above my head! WHO would install their lights at that height? 

In the past three weeks the bathroom and toilet room have been painted, along with the master bedroom. This past Monday, Randy from R & R Plumbing installed shut-off valves on our sinks, and looked at the replacement parts that we had ordered for the tub. The new jets and valves are going to work just as promised, which is a relief. 

On Wednesday the countertop was installed along with the new shower door, and our mirrors. 

Tuesday we learned just how heavy a cultured marble, double vanity really is. We naively thought that Gary and I could pull the top out, and haul it downstairs. Didn’t happen. Luckily Donnie Brockman, of Brockman Tile and Marble was to be in the house that day, as we needed some repair work done on the tile after Gary removed the old shower door. It was difficult for Donnie and Gary to get the thing downstairs and onto the driveway. That means that we would have done some major damage to either the house or ourselves if I had been the one to help instead of Donnie. He also was a great help in that he cut the stupid thing in half, dropping it as he got to the backsplash, which effectively broke it into manageable pieces that we could get into the van. We then hauled it, along with some old TVs to the dump. We took Liz along for the ride as she loves to go with us, sitting in the driver’s seat watching out the doors as we unload our garbage. 

It has been a long three weeks. Gary has spent more time than expected prepping the upper railing for paint. Sadly all the work we did a few years ago painting the rail is just flaking away. We were sold the wrong paint. I continue inside, painting and cleaning out closets. Who would have remembered that I just stuck bags of kids clothes into the cedar closet, all willy nilly. The two cedar closets are now cleaned out, and many trips to St. Vincent de Paul have been made. 

We also had the roof inspected and a few repairs made to the vents. Chimneys are also being inspected, and any necessary maintenance taken care of. 

This coming week our new lights should be in, and ready to be installed. Randy will install our faucets, and we can move out of the guest bedroom bathroom as the place to brush our teeth, and for me to put on makeup. 

In the middle of all of this we also met with our realtor. We are aiming for the middle of June for photographs, and to go on the market. So much more to do in just a few short weeks. I need to finish in here so that I can start out in the yard. Getting a home that you have lived in for almost 25 years ready to go on the market is not for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of work.