A New View

2013 Level Best AwardMy father-in-law believed that you should look to make changes, or reinvent your business every five to ten years. As we begin our eleventh year in business, it is time to take a new view of where we are, and where we wish to go.

Over these past ten years we have transitioned from a full-service remodeling company with two employees, to a design-remodel company, where we hand select from a few trusted carpenters who sub-contract with us, allowing us to tailor each clients remodeling experience to a team that best fits their project.

Where are we looking to reinvent ourselves? This blog for one. While we try to keep active on social media, this is not where you, our clients are looking for us. Yet we have much we wish to share in a more frequent and casual way then just updating our website. This blog allows us to do so. Look here for updates on projects, design ideas, and general information. We will cross-post to Facebook if you would like to follow us there.

If you like to read about remodeling, check out the Appleton Monthly magazine, available free at many locations, including Festival Foods. Susan is a contributing writer for the magazine and writes monthly about remodeling and trends. Check it out! The July issue will be available on the first, with the theme: Pet Lover’s.

We are also offering a new service. Many of you, ourselves included before we started this business, have a favorite carpenter, plumber, electrician etc. who have the skills you need to complete your next remodeling project. What they may lack is design skill. That’s where we can help. We are now offering the option to work with us to create a fully fleshed out design, and floor plan of your dream project, ready to take to your contractor. We provide a full listing of all design choices that you have made, and are willing to review the design with all of your contractors of choice.

We invite you to follow along as we enter our eleventh year in business. We are excited to continue to make our clients dreams reality, share our expertise in the area of Universal Design, and assist you in designing the perfect new space for your home.